Friday, November 27, 2009

More on the Ramallah stadium

Looks like there's more info on the Ramallah stadium issue on which I posted a few days ago here :
Settlers petition to tear down nearby Palestinian stadium
A West Bank settlement has filed a petition to the High Court of Justice demanding the demolition of a nearly-complete stadium in the Palestinian city of El Bireh, near Ramallah.
The Psagot settlement and the Regavim advocacy group petitioned the court on November 2 to order the defense minister, GOC Central Command, the IDF's Civil Administration and police to tear down the El Bireh stadium and three apartment buildings being constructed near the settlement. The court ordered the respondents to answer within 30 days
The petitioners warned of the possibility that "10,000 inflamed Palestinians would rise up after a soccer game and vent their anger and/or frustration and/or frenzy on nearby Psagot. Suffice it for each one to throw 10 stones at the settlement for Psagot to be under an attack of 100,000 ballista balls.
 Lets hope the settlers get nowhere with this.

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