Thursday, January 28, 2010

HRW certain on Hamas war crimes

Hamas is at last having to face up to evidence of its war crimes from Human Rights Watch :
Human Rights Watch has rejected claims by the Palestinian militant group Hamas that it did not target civilians during the war in Gaza a year ago.
Hamas ludicrously denies its rockets are aimed at civilians but HRW is having none of it :
"Hamas' claim that rockets were intended to hit Israeli military targets and only accidentally harmed civilians is belied by the facts," the New York based group said.
"Civilians were the target, deliberately targeting civilians is a war crime."
Now Hamas had been firing rockets into Israel since 2007 and yes HRW did condemn them but I don't remember them (or the media in general) calling for war crimes trials, in fact what they mainly said was Hamas should please stop it.

One good thing about the war crimes discussion now and HRW coming out so strongly is if Hamas start up with the rockets again HRW and co will surely have no choice but to accuse them immediately and unequivocally of war crimes.That might make some difference.

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