Monday, January 25, 2010

Ken Loach gets it (almost) right on Iran

He's not going to the Tehran film festival :
*We wish to withdraw our film Looking for Eric from the Tehran Film Festival. We recognise that many governments, including our own, have committed acts of aggression, broken international law and ignored human rights. However, this boycott is called for by Iranian film makers and artists to protest against the violence against those who oppose the regime and the many abuses of human rights documented by respected bodies like Amnesty. We support this boycott as we support the boycott of cultural events sponsored by the Israeli state. We regret the difficulties this will cause the festival's organisers.
Of course he was still wrong to boycott the Edinburgh Film Festival for the flimsiest of reasons.

He's also wrong to talk the usual boilerplate rubbish about the exaggerated sins of "our own" governments. I'm surprised he ever shows his films anywhere to be honest - what does he think of film festivals that get UK government money ?

Hat tip  - Pickled Politics

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