Thursday, January 14, 2010

More disgusting "blame the victim" garbage in the Guardian

Look at this this total garbage on Cif. Simon Tisdall tells us about the shocking violence happening in the Muslim world against Christian minorities ie the Copts in Egypt getting attacked and the burning of churches in Malaysia.

But who is to blame  ? See if you can guess :
Yet hostility also arises, in a fundamental sense, from Muslim perceptions of western aggression against Islam, be it the war in Afghanistan, domineering western economic and cultural behaviour, attempts to ban veils, offensive cartoon caricatures of the prophet Muhammad, airline and immigration profiling, or systemic, unchecked and arguably worsening discrimination and harassment of Muslim minorities living in western nations.
That would be the war in Afghanistan where the vast majority of Afghani Muslims support the US and NATO forces and hate the Taliban would it ? As for the rest its the usual boilerplate lies and excuses that sounds like it could have come from Anjem Choudhary.

Anyway its mea culpa obviously - but what should we do ?
To have a chance of overcoming this widening gulf, the west may have to put its own house in order first. One proposed path is wider adoption of Karen Armstrong's new Charter for Compassion, a "spiritual document for the world", whose guiding idea is that while almost every religion has a history of intolerance, all have traditions of compassion that rise above hatred.
OK right yeah that'll sort it. Words fail me.

This is pure appeasement of the violent mixed with grotesque self hatred. Tisdall is cringing halfwit Guardian man personified.


No Good Boyo said...

Tisdall is cringing halfwit Guardian man personified.

He didn't blame "our support for Israel", which amazes me. Does Tisdall know which newspaper he's writing for?

MoreMediaNonsense said...

Yeah he missed that bit out - terrible error on his part, it could have made his argument. :)