Thursday, February 04, 2010

Rod Liddle comments on politics and MSM at Socialist Unity

See here. He claims he's just an old fashioned Leftie as well :
This is the first time I’ve responded to any of this rubbish and do so here because of a sympathy with the general political standpoint, if not with the rodliddleisatwat agenda which is boring and diversionary. Just for the record, I believe in higher taxation, a higher minimum wage, state control of national utilities (and railways) and for all british people to be treated as equal. My opposition to the free movement of labour from eastern Europe was that it undercut the wages of the indigenous working class while subsidising the middle class. My opposition to Islam is based upon what I see as its authoritarianism, homophobia and misogyny. I may not express things the way you like, but I am not right wing, and neverhave been.
My my.

He also says :
Sunny Hundal, meanwhile, is a bourgeois idiot.
Class War !

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