Friday, March 19, 2010

Brave Cuban women

See here :
Hundreds of Cuban government supporters have heckled members of the "Ladies in White" rights group marching in protest through the streets of Havana.
The women - wives and mothers of jailed dissidents - are staging a week of protests on the anniversary of Fidel Castro's 2003 Black Spring crackdown.
They are demanding the release of some 50 government critics still being held.
AI to their credit are on the case :
Amnesty International has urged Havana to ensure the safety of the women, saying some alleged they were beaten by police following Wednesday's arrests.
Cuba has lashed out at the criticism, saying the dissidents are common criminals who are paid by the US to destabilise the government.
What a piece of work the Castros are.

Meanwhile the UNITE union who are atm still wanting to go ahead with their futile strike at BA still maintain proud membership of the government supporting Cuba Solidarity Campaign. Look at the sickening excuses for the jailing of dissidents this bunch like to come up with :
This sentence is relatively minor compared to the sentences, ranging up to 28 years, that were handed down to the 75 opposition figures convicted in March 2003 of "having received funds or materials from the U.S. government to carry out activities that the authorities consider subversive and damaging to Cuba," as recognized by AI, which is a serious crime in Cuba and any country in the world. Here AI cannot escape an obvious contradiction: on the one hand these people qualify as "prisoners of conscience" and on the other it admits they committed the serious crime of accepting "money or materials from the U.S. government."
28 years eh ? No problem comrades - they were lucky not to be shot.

UNITE's support for the human rights abusing Castro monarchy in Cuba is a total utter disgrace. Why do so few on the Left seem to notice ?

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