Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Why does the UK Press censor what we can know ?

Looks like you have to go to Canada to find out what happened in Cumbria today ?

See here :

"A bitter family row over a will may have been the catalyst for one of the worst mass killings in British history on Wednesday.
Derrick Bird, 52, is thought to have gunned down his twin brother, David, and a local solicitor at the start of a five-hour massacre across rural Cumbria that left 12 people dead and another 25 in hospital.
Bird, a taxi driver, who had armed himself with two weapons, also targeted colleagues with whom he had a row the previous night.
He had warned them: "There's going to be a rampage tomorrow," before returning to the cab rank in Whitehaven the following day where he shot three taxi drivers, two of them fatally.
Over the following three hours, he fired on dozens of people in 30 locations before he shot himself in woodland in the Lake District National Park.
Police were last night trying to establish what turned the quiet father of two into a mass murderer.
One of the central lines of inquiry surrounded the theory that a row had developed over the will of Bird's mother, Mary, who is ill with cancer.
The solicitor - Kevin Commons - may have been advising the family.
It was also reported that Bird had initially armed himself with two guns on Tuesday night, but was disarmed by a friend.
Bird is then believed to have sought medical help at a local hospital for his fragile mental state, only to be turned away.
Detectives are trying to establish whether Bird had a licence for his shotgun and rifle, both of which he is believed to have inherited from his father.
The massacre is thought to have started Wednesday morning when Mr Commons and Bird's twin brother, David, were reportedly shot dead near Bird's home in Rowrah.
Bird then headed for Whitehaven, where he killed the two fellow taxi drivers before speeding across the county, taking other victims including a young farmer who was shot at close range, an elderly woman out shopping, a cyclist and a retired man making his regular trip to the betting shop.=
In the village of Seascale, he beckoned people to his car before shooting them."
WTF ???? Why don't we know this ?

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