Thursday, April 07, 2011

Brainless Idiot Lefties in another futile gesture "happening"

An interesting piece here by the Director of the Policy Exchange Neil O'Brien who apparently has been a victim of a childish jape from some UkUncut type group.

UkUncut and the other Direct Action types of the Idiot Left are becoming a liabiliity to serious debate on the deficit and what sensible policies Labour should be following, Many of the issues that UkUncut is hassling companies for are dubious (see here eg) and anyway if there are real issues with tax evasion it's the government that should be being targetted re enforcement (why aren't they occupying the HMRC ?).

Alternatively they should be trying to get Labour to come up with vote winning policies on the issue (that they don't bother shows the issues are more complex than their agitprop stupidity can admit).

Basically these groups are just an excuse for some anti-capitalist "stick it to the man" nonsense and Labour should distant itself pronto before it all backfires badly.

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