Tuesday, November 08, 2011

They sure do things different in France

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Where threats to free speech are concerned anyway. Look at how the French Left has reacted to the firebombing of the Charlie Hebdo offices. From France24 :
A demonstration in Paris on Sunday attracted hundreds of supporters, including some famous French faces, “in defence of the right to blaspheme”. Organised by the anti-xenophobia organisation SOS Racisme, the impromptu movement aims to fight “religious fundamentalism” and preserve democracy and secularism.
Sounds like good old fashioned standing up for secular values to me, the UK Left used to do that once as well.

Also here's how a French Left Wing paper reacts :
While the police continue their investigation into the fire, which they have classified as a terrorist attack, the magazine itself has been housed by newspaper Libération, which is one of a number of publications that reprinted the Mohammed cartoon in support of Charlie Hebdo.
But the left-wing daily faces the same fate as its adopted magazine. “If LibĂ©ration continues publishing those cartoons, then we’ll have to deal with them as well” said Ekber. 
Do you think the Guardian would do such a thing ? Answers on a postcard please.

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