Monday, March 13, 2017

"Fake News" ? Not News more like it

The supposed furore over Judge Kushner's remarks about rape is a perfect example of the kind of pointless fake news that our MSM and even the likes of the BBC indulge in.

This is the way it goes :

1. Person in authority (or celebrity even) says something supposedly controversial because it (in some journos opinion) goes against accepted opinion and could be an example of "Xism" or an "Xphobia".

2. Concerned group produces a boiler plate statement of concern once notified of 1 by MSM journos looking for a story.

3. Broadcast media start "debate" on said non-issue after phoning rent-a-mouths on either side of "debate" so in this instance this was the first story on the BBC Today programme on Saturday morning and still the main news story on the Radio 5 headlines at midday.

3. Issue drags on over a few days and gets onto the phone-in circuit (there was a phone-in discussing it this Monday morning on LBC)

4. People get more and more pissed off with the whole nonsense and smash their radios/PC screens in despair (maybe that's only me).

This particular issue seems to boil down to an Humpty Dumpty like battle over the meaning of the word "blame" as far as I can see but maybe I'm not informed or bright enough to discover the larger important issue. Whatever that is though is it really enough to dominate the BBC's coverage when there are literally thousands of other more important things going on in the world ?

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