Monday, July 31, 2006

Pacifascism in action

While its not surprising to see some on the so called left (I would call just call them anti-Westernists) coming out to support Hezbollah (see the disgusting George Galloway here for example), what really gets me is the way appeasers in the MSM and the BBC/Channel HawHaw Four love to wring their hands about the unfortunate death of civilians and use it as a way to attack Israel.

Lets look at some of the reasons that Israel is not being fairly treated here.

1. It is Hezbollah that is deliberately targetting civilians - there is no doubt of that, and they don't deny it.

2. In all wars there are civilian casualties (and friendly fire deaths for that matter). However if one combatant is deliberately locating its facilities close to civilian facilities as Hezbullah is who is to blame when there is a counter attack and civilians are killed ?

3. Hezbollah is a fascist Jihadi militia (see here) which cares nothing for its own people - in fact in line with all Jihadi thinking it probably welcomes martyrdom for them (whether they want it or not). It should not be judged on the same terms as Israel - it is an enemy of the West and should be treated like Al-Qaeda.

As my title says what we see in action in the media here is the use of pacifist hand wringing to appease fascism. There is no analysis of how Israel is acting differently from Hezbollah. All we see is propaganda footage of dead civilians and statistics about how many more civilians (and do we believe they're all civilians ?) Israel has killed than Hezbollah. As if that was a good indicator as to the rights and wrongs of a conflict anyway- I'm sure the Allies killed more German civilians in bombings than died in the UK.

There was one big difference in WW2 though - the West finally realised that fascism can not be appeased and we had to do all we could to defeat it. Perhaps one day again in the West the liberal-lefties in the MSM will realise that.

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