Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Media/Politico Pacifascists urge pointless Parliament recall

PM on Radio 4 and Channel Haw Haw News had articles tonight on how apparently some 130 MP's have issued a demand for parliament to be recalled to debate the situation in the Middle East. Needless to say the goverment has said no.

This seems to me to be so abtuse as to be barely believeable. What is there possibly to be gained from such a thing ? The only thing I can think of is an excuse for pacifist Lefty Labourites and Lib Dems to beat their chests about the evils of the Zionists and perhaps for some creepy Tories to seek to try to embarasss the PM by playing to the gallery (while not having any policy on the issue that is clear to anyone).

Besides haven't these people ever heard of the other many nasty conflicts in the world that are killing innocents every day in Sudan, Sri Lanka, Columbia etc ? I don't hear them calling for recall of parliament to discuss any of these. Why would that be ?

For the politicos it's because they know the media don't discuss these conflicts and there's no airtime or votes in it.

What's the media's excuse ?

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