Friday, December 18, 2009

BBC picks up on Hoffman video

The BBC has picked up on the story of what happened to Jonathan Hoffmann at SOAS here :
Footage has emerged of a man being told he is "not welcome" after revealing his Jewish name at a School of Oriental and African Studies debate on Palestine.
The film shows Jonathan Hoffman ask why Soas university allowed a man condemned as an anti-Semite by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHR) to talk
Upon revealing his name there are boos and shouts of "Jewish!" Anti-racism campaigners called it "chilling".
A spokesman for the London university said nobody broke hate speech rules.
The event, entitled The Case for Sanctions and Boycott [of the nation of Israel] was organised by the School of Oriental and African Studies' [Soas] Palestinian Society.
They invited South African trade unionist Bongani Masuku to speak.
The SAHR has condemned Mr Masuku for "hate speech", saying his comments "are of an extreme nature that imply the Jewish community are to be despised, scorned and ridiculed".
This unpleasant tale was highlighted at Harry's Place  a couple of days ago and the video is also at YouTube.

I'm not sure why this is now getting coverage on the Beeb but its quite right it is. The overarching and inappropriate targetting of Israel amongst the scumbag "Left" in general and UCU in particular is a disgrace. Who knows why they do it -it could be stupidity or just pure anti-semitism - but whatever the reason is it's a scandal.

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