Monday, January 04, 2010

When will the far Left finally wake up and get rid of the Stalinists?

Recent blogs at Socialist Unity by Andy Newman equivocating about the struggle for democracy in Iran bring into sharp focus why the far Left in the West is so unpopular.

Newman of course has to be equivocal about Iran as his leader in Respect George Galloway is also somewhat conflicted about getting rid of the Mullahs as 1) he works for the Iranian govt Press TV and 2) he is a cynical power loving tankie scumbag.

The kinds of positions we get on SU supporting the Mullahs range from "they keep down food prices" to "they are anti-imperialist" (ie anti-USA) to "the forces for change are twittering middle class students" Sound familiar ? Why yes - guess what its the same old Stalinist pro Soviet Union lines we got from some on the Left in the Cold War.

When will the far Left learn ? Even now they STILL allow apologists for Stalinism to steer debates on the Left.

The only way the far Left will ever return to the political and intellectual mainstream is to effectively no platform the Stalinists. Galloway, Newman and the rest of the intellectually bankrupt "anti-imperialist" crowd need to be permanently booted into the nasty foul smellling corners of history from whence they come.

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