Monday, April 26, 2010

Latest on Gita Sahgal and AI in the Observer

An interesting article here.

She has a good number of supporters it appears :
After seven years in Amnesty championing women's rights, Sahgal felt deeply compromised by the platform afforded to Begg. She says many UN specialists, lawyers, philosophers and influential figures in the global women's rights movement have jumped to her defence since her suspension.
Some have threatened to cut their association with Amnesty, the world's oldest human rights group. Others are said to have withdrawn donations to the charity in support of Sahgal, who left the organisation two weeks ago.
Among the groups that have stepped forward to support her are the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Women Human Rights Defenders Coalition, Women Living Under Muslim Law and Inform, a Sri Lankan human rights organisation. Amnesty, which has 2.2 million members, has faced few stickier periods since it was was founded in London in 1961 to support prisoners of conscience.
Whereas on the other side we have - AI management and some ranting halfwit bloggers and commentators whose main interest in the affair appears to be the support for Gita from Nick Cohen and the "Decents" (oh and she went to Murdoch so must she be lying and/or "hysterical".)

When will AI learn to pick the right friends ?

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