Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where will Clegg stand on Thursday ?

As in will he be in the middle or at the side ?

Cos that could be really important. Being in the middle means the other guys can have a "real go" at him. Very important that, could determine the election and the future political history of the UK.

I think I'm getting to think more and more like this commenter on Cif yesterday :
bugbeer 19 Apr 2010, 3:53PM

This is actually quite depressing... all it proves is that a large chunk of the electorate knew fuckall about the Lib Dems because they never bothered to learn anything about politics, and are now suddenly embracing him as 'that nice young man off the telly' while still knowing fuckall about his policies.
They should really consider proper voting reform - restrict it to the 10% of the population who actually know anything about the issues.
 All a bit depressing really....

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